Monday, July 14, 2014

How To Build a Girl [Or: How To Embarrass Yourself In A Readalong]

Ughhhh you guys. I was going to try to muddle along until my replacement cable came but this is where me not having a copy of the book really topples my penguin.

Just making up gif-based colloquialisms, here.

I feel like I've read this book before. Not in a, like, Oh, we've seen this a thousand times, but in a literal, that-time-I-unknowingly-re-read-American-Gods-and-got-to-that-part-at-the-beginning-where-she-eats-him-with-her-vagina-and-I'm-like-Oh-yeah-I-remember-this-bit way. Either Moranthology or How to Be a Woman talks about Moran's own childhood, from which I think she draws heavily.

All the best story lines do.

I MEAN ALL THIS IN THE BEST WAY, though. Young girl with delusional father becomes obsessed with rock music as a way out of her small-town existence and I forget at which point I come into spoilertown because I've read ahead, but OTHER THINGS HAPPEN THAT ALSO HAPPENED TO MORAN.

And even though I don't have my copy in front of me, I remember the topic of chapter one, page one, paragraph one, because it is young teenage girl wanking, which is something I haven't met in a book since, like, Deanie. Everyone in the readalong is talking about this because OTHER BOOKS DO NOT TALK ABOUT THIS.

They clutch their pearls instead.

Everyone else is quoting the book as well, which I OBVIOUSLY CANNOT DO so go check out some of those links and LAUGH AND LAUGH and also cringe because there's a Scooby Doo incident that gave me severe Second-Hand Embarrassment.

I am this kitten.

HOPEFULLY MY CABLE COMES THIS WEEK and I can charge my ereader and access all the notes I took when I totally read ahead into this coming week's section.


As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

You win the GIF war this week. I see your strategy--wait 'til everyone else posts and then WHAM!

You did remarkably well with your weeks-old recollections. Much better than I would have.

Reading Rambo said...

I feel like a monster because I was not embarrassed at all at the Scooby Doo part and instead laaaaughed and laughed. I KNOW I CAN FEEL SECONDHAND EMBARRASSMENT I'VE WATCHED THE OFFICE

Laura said...

Like Alice, I also laughed quiiiite a lot at the Scooby Doo thing, I think because it's at the start of the book so obviously she's going to get over it and be awesome. (I hope...) So it's just one of those HILARIOUS character building things. That I appreciate.

Red said...

I think we need to start using "topples my penguin" in regular conversation. And using that gif more often.

Red said...
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Red said...
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