Sunday, January 26, 2014

Self-Serving Sunday

Friends! Romans! Internettlewebs!

You guys know I write for Food Riot, right? And that it's basically the most fun I've had since I started this blog? Books and snacks, that's all I ask.

Some of my more recent posts are this one, on how INCREDIBLY BALLER round ice cubes are (I mean, PUNS, but also, they are so baller) and this one, in which I track how much food I throw out for two weeks and am like, OMG SELF, and this one from before Christmas, where I built a gingerbread house with Eleanor and disaster ensued (but a gingerbread house also eventually ensued, so...success?).

Go read them! Let's all talk about food together.

ALSO, my sister has been selling off some of her favorite paintings, the ones she thought she'd hoard forever. Until the end of February, you can get beautiful creepsters like this

for a mere $200. That bird is eating her innards. I KNOW. Go check them out.


As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Briefly: we throw out WAY too much food. My husband does all of the cooking and about 95% of the grocery shopping, so this is largely on him. But I will throw away food even if it hasn't good bad if it simplydoesn't look like something I want to eat. We should fix that in our house.

ICE CUBES!!! Yes. I love cocktail paraphernalia and this year for Christmas someone got us two HUGE, single ice cube molds. They are great for those times when you don't want your alcohol to be watered down (almost always) and they even do in a pinch when you've forgotten to chill the white wine but you want to drink it NOW. (I'm classy like that.)

No, the real problem is the the ice cubes that the molds make are actually so large that we need to buy some new highball glasses that are big enough to accommodate them.

Your round ones are clearly better. And FWIW, I would be happy to buy stuff here in the US and then ship it to you in Canada. You'd likely have to wait weeks, if not months for me to get my act togeteher to do that, but the offer is open.

Angela said...

I have a really bad habit of buying fresh produce and then discovering it weeks later, after it has started to petrify.

Linda Schneider said...

If you have room to have chickens (even a tiny backyard will do) it totally helps w/the throwing-food-away problem. They LOVE the slightly off produce, the road weary leftovers, and whatever the kid leaves on his plate. And then they turn it into delicious, high quality protein, i.e., eggs.