Saturday, January 11, 2014

Minithon, half-assed.

Tika over at Reading The Bricks hosted a minithon today, and I sort of participated, in that I read almost all of Max Barry's Lexicon (which is amazing). But the only things about my thon that were mini were the time I spent reading, my reading companion (who, though she be but little, is fierce [and bath-headed])

and this tiny chocolate horse I ate.

Super Godfathery, right? (I also ate a bunch of other chocolates, but they were just shaped like regular-sized chocolates and not mini-animals, as well as some soup [irrelevant] and homemade cheese buns. Check out the cheese skirt on that one


I love a minithon, because they're only 8 hours and there's no pressure and everyone has such winsome tiny snacks and for the next one, if I can get my ass organized and if my child's other primary caregiver isn't at a conference all day and if it isn't the first clement afternoon in weeks and I have to take my kid outside before we both lose our damn minds

I'm going to do such a better job.


As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

hi! I'm not on Twitter, so I didn't actually know you were participating today. *revamp all of my thoughts today to include you*

Your chocolate horse head IS a little godfather-y. as long as you didn't put it in between the sheets, though, I think we're good.

winsome is an excellent word.

i do not know what cheese buns are, but I'm going to start coveting them now, nonetheless.

Kayleigh vW said...

I definitely jumped to the comments right after seeing that horse head chocolate to try and come up with a Godfather joke, but you already went there. Also Shakespeare quote. All this makes sense, Blog-y Godmother of mine.

You did an EXCELLENT job, minithonning. Really, the less reading you do the more of a success it is.

Tika Viteri said...

Hurrah, Raych! I'm so glad you got to read with us in spirit. :)

Taking your mini-person outside on the first semi-nice day is extremely important and I'm REALLY GLAD you did it. Cute Eleanor picks are, as we all know, the best.

Megs said...

Isn't Lexicon great?! I accidentally readathoned it because it was really hard for me to stop reading. I am delighted to know that you and Eleanor were reading along with reading ninjas.

Reading Rambo said...

Daaaamn, girl, "clement"? Nice.

Kayleigh's "less reading" comment is accurate. So you might win.

Rayna said...

Thirding the "less reading" sentiment. I only read as much as I did because the weird-ass short book I got at the library was stream-of-consciousness. (Which everyone knows means permission to skim.)

Aw, that snow picture. What I wouldn't give to be a kid and find so much delight in snow. As an adult I'm just pissed I have to shovel it off my car at 8 AM.

Red said...

Fourthing(? yes fourthing) the "less reading means you even more win minithoning" sentiment. Besides, that tiny horse chocolate? Adorable. Well done!

Vasilly said...

Yay for minithons! I need one of those because I forget when I'm participating in week-long ones.

What is that on Ms. E's head?! Is that hair?!

This might sound weird but what are cheese buns and how do you make them? I don't eat cheese but my kids might like them!