Thursday, December 12, 2013

Burn for Burn - Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Books that remind me of Thirteen Reasons Why for $400, Alex. (Or, Unintentional Teenage Vengeance-Themed Reading Week.)

I was talking to AnimeJune on twitter about TEENAGE REVENGEANCEFULNESS…actually, I think it was about how TRW was so terrible, and she recommended Burn for Burn. Female friendships! Revenge upon tormenters! Homecoming!

So. The early bit is complicated, because of the three rotating narrators, and because Lillia is pretty and popular and friends with Rennie, but Rennie was a bitch to Kat, and Kat was hooking up with Alex who, in turn, hooked up with Lillia's fourteen-year-old sister, and then MARY moves back to the island after years of therapy because of how the object of Rennie's affection, Reeve, tormented her as a child.

Lillia, Kat (who I forgot to mention is motorbike-boots-wearing badass) and Mary (who is quiet and lame) form an unlikely trio to enact VENGEANCE upon Alex, Rennie, and Reeve.

And it explores how friendships between girls can go tits-up because of such small things, or such HUGE things, and how bonds can be formed over something as simple as breaking into a guys car to steal his book of poetry.

It's also good because it's trashy and fun and things keep escalating and you are like

and it's getting close to the end and you are like How is this all going to be wrapped up in the next six pages and it's not, and there is a sequel, thank goodness, because it ends immediately after the shit hits the EVERYTHING and also something really bizarre is going on with one of the girls (basically she is Carrie) and it's never really explored, so that had better be touched on in Fire With Fire or I am going to be confused and upset and hulksmash something.

But this! Eight caterpillars.


Reading Rambo said...


But bonus for Spaceballs. Bonus indeed.

(I have nothing to say about the book, because bah, teenagers being catty)

anonymousninjachic said...

I liked the book, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! But second book didn't work out so well for me.

Chelsea Outlaw said...


Catty teenage girls. Can't do it, man. At least, I haven't been able to - maybe this is the golden ticket of catty teenage girl fiction.

But man, why don't we use Spaceballs GIFs all the time? I mean, three cheers for Ru, but I think Rick is 1,000,000 more fabulous.