Monday, July 29, 2013

Then Again, Maybe I Won't - Judy Blume

Judy Blume books are all about being a teenager and disagreeing with/being embarrassed by your parents while you get erections/your period/a back brace you have to wear for four years now because your spine something something.

Bazzzzically your entire second decade.

THIS one is about a boy whose dad sells an invention and suddenly his family is rich and despite the new bike and bigger house and how he can see into his hot neighbor's bedroom window from HIS bedroom window, it's sort of awful, because his new rich friends are kind of tools and his grandma retreats to her bedroom FOREVER because the new maid took over all the cooking.

Grandma is this impressed.

I spent the whole book waiting for something to go tets up and for them to lose their money, but they don't! They're rich and it's party good and partly bad and they adjust. The end.

I don't know, what do people usually say in these things? Six caterpillars?


Vasilly said...

Hmmm. I've never read this one so I'll just skip it and go reread Frecklejuice or Iggie's House again. Was this your first Blume book?

Tika Viteri said...

Beverly Cleary > Judy Blume.


Kayleigh said...

Aah, Judy Blume. I read this one in that fateful second decade, and I'm pretty sure I liked it? And that spine one rings a bell, too. Even with the shrugs, this post makes me want to reread all the Blume.