Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A day late and a dollar short

But whatever, I know you aren't reading this until you come out of your holiday coma. And when I say 'reading this' I mean 'looking at this pictures because OMG THE WORDS ARE SO MUCH EFFORT.'

Eleanor doing what she does best (i.e. eating and looking pensive):

And still my favorite:

I love all your faces, guys. Your joyous, rumnog-smeared faces.


Reading Rambo said...

Oh NO I'm a super-grown up now, because I see that and my first reaction is 'SOMEONE PAID A PRINTING COMPANY FOR THAT SIGN AND NOW THEY HAVE TO PAY THEM AGAIN.'

I wonder if insurance covers sign damage. Probably not.

As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Those are pretty much the best pictures ever.

redhead said...

What As The Crowe Flies and Reads says: Best pictures ever!

thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

awwwww Hope you holidays were/are merry!

Bybee said...

I can't decide which picture I like the best! I should say Eleanor, shouldn't I? Yeah, the baby trumps Murray and puns.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Your baby is the most adorable baby. How could she not be? I'm still WAY in holiday mode and vacation mode and will be for awhile. I just happened to get free Internet access for the next few days while we wander California, and wanted to pop in. Hope you had great holidays and I'll be around, but fairly quiet, and probably no posts until February.

Jenners said...

The fact that I'm swinging by to wish you Merry Christmas on December 29 tells you that you have me pegged.

And Eleanor is just lovely!!

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Angela said...

Where are you? Are you still in a holiday coma? I'm just a longtime reader *of your blog* who misses you. Hope you had a fabulous Yuletide season.