Friday, November 30, 2012


I have been re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire because I ran out of Agatha Christies to read on my nook while I nurse Eleanor and I need to read SOMETHING because nursing is serrrrrrr berrrrrrring and then I remembered that I bought that series when it was on sale because who wants to tote around 5000+ pages? This is what e-readers were MADE for. Anyway, ASoIaF is a hole out of which one cannot easily climb, and I have been reading it in all my spare moments. BUT I have so many reviews on my backlog (the one in my brain, which has notoriously bad retention). To that end, HERE'SABUNCHOFSTUFFIREAD.

The Sisters Brothers - Patrick DeWitt

I'd heard MAD GOOD things about this and also that it was like True Grit, which is an unfortunate comparison because I balls-out loved that movie. So, The Sisters Brothers was fine.


Silver Sparrow - Tayari Jones

This was probably also super good, I just wanted more scandal. I AM NEVER CONTENTED. Because this is about SECRET BIGAMISTS and their SECRET OTHER FAMILIES. Dana's father was married ten years before he met (and accidentally impregnated) her mother, and now he has two families but only one knows about the other. That's dramatic, right?

Not dramatic enough, apparently

I mean, it's careful and respectful and insightful and more about identity and definitions of legitimacy and I obviously just wanted Jodi Picoult to have written it so that there would be a Shocking! Twist! on every second page. Silver Sparrow is proper good, though.

Feeding Your Baby the Healthiest Foods - Louise Lambert-Lagacé

This is a DNF because EVEN THOUGH IT IS FROM 2000 (which is not, as far as I can remember, the 50s) it still says things like 'children of mothers who are discontented, nervous, and unhappy with their role of mother and homemaker have poorer diets and lack the full benefits of good nutrition' which is fear-mongery and blamey AND assumes that all mothers are also homemakers and DID I MENTION THE BLAMING?

Stop it, Baby Goose. You are not every parenting book ever, don't act like you are.

And the bits I read on breastfeeding were superficial at best, and the half-page on returning to pre-pregnancy weight suggested substituting 'oatmeal cookies with larger servings of brown rice' which...I don't think she understands how 'substituting' works. After all this idiocy, I'm not about to trust this woman on feeding my baby. In the end, we were just like, Well you're almost five months old now so here's a wedge of banana. Have at it.

Now back to my Ice and Fire and RAMPANT CHARACTER DEATH. GRRM and Connie Willis should hang out.


Reading Rambo said...

"So, The Sisters Brothers was fine."

REALLY? Really?

We are never going to agree in BookLand and that makes me SO sad, because that means we're going to have like, opposing fortresses of Taste in Books and lob things at each other.

Molly said...

I totally agree with you on The Sisters Brothers. I kept waiting for something really major or amazing to happen and then I got to the end. It was a big meh.

Kayleigh said...

If GRRM and Connie Willis hung out it would be a MASSacre.

And HA to your review of the feeding babies book. That whole judgey business has got to be the worst part of being a parent. That and all the poop.

I will still read The Sisters Brothers, because, well, everyone on earth has read it and I don't want to be left out. But I will TEMPER my expectations.

Jenners said...

Oatmeal cookies and brown rice? How can brown rice subsitute for oatmeal cookes? You're right … that lady is not to be trusted.

Becky (Page Turners) said...

The ereader became my best friend when I was breastfeeding Rafael. I downloaded every easy read I could think of and read those to break up the boredom!

Christy said...

I find you calling Ryan Gosling "Baby Goose" really funny for some reason.

Stupid judgy parent books.