Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lace Reader - Brunonia Barry

Ok, phew, The Lace Reader was ALL OVER THE INTARWEBS a while ago and I was stubbornly not reading it, because sometimes I want to read what everyone else is reading I want in on this party too I want to be included!! And then sometimes popularity = my heels, with the digging, and that is why I have not yet seen Titanic.
But be prepared to see SO MUCH MORE OF THE LACE READER AGAIN, because now it is on a blog tour. You will be positively SPAMMED with reviews, so you might as well just bite the bullet and read the damned thing now.
Because it is a tasty bullet for biting. Seriously. I read this in a phase where I was reading eight pages of this and then two pages of that and then just going back to ye olde Infinite Jest, because nothing else was really turning my crank, but The Lace Reader held my straggly attention with its SECRETS, and that says something.
And there are SO MANY family secrets that have yet to be revealed that for the first half of the novel Barry'll be all, Because of the initial accident or Since the first time she was in the hospital and I'm all, Wait, do I know about the initial accident yet? Because I have almost total literary amnesia, PLUS the inability to read more than one book at a time (side note: this will be the summer where everything I read was tangled up in Infinite Jest), and I would forget what I did or did not know.
Because you know nothing! Towner Whitney comes back to Salem from California, where she's been living it up. But why? Um...because her great-aunt Eva died. But how? Errrr....drowning apparently. Anyways, Towner has to come back and face her old demons, and you have to come with her, otherwise you'll never know how her sister died, or why her mom is less her mom than her great-aunt Eva was, or why she hates her uncle Cal with the intensity of ten fires, and what are these witches doing everywhere, and what DID happen with Towner's sister and Jack LaLibertie, and with Towner herself and Jack, and will Towner ever find love again, and who is the pregnant girl and where has she gone now and whose baby is it and why was Towner in the hospital that one time and what is IN those patches of memory that the electro-shock therapy zapped to bits, and WHY WAS SHE HAVING ELECTRO-SHOCK THERAPY?
Only time will tell, suckahs. I thought this was going to be a fluffy bit of lacey goo (I can, perhaps, be forgiven for that, no?) but it's pretty dark and stabby. And awesome.
Eight caterpillars.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Lots of teasers with this book! It sounds like the author strings the reader along through the book, but managed not to make it a frustrating experience (doling out little pieces of info as she went?) I'll give this one a go-- thanks.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness said...

This has nothing to do with your review, exactly, but I didn't know (or forgot) you were doing Infinite Summer too. How's it going? I'm on page like 720ish and I'm liking it a lot more but I just sort of want to be done so I can go back to reading other books :)

Emily said...

I really enjoyed this book! I read it with my book club in June and all the twists really kept me interested and wanting to know more but everyone else pretty much didn't like it and some didn't even finish it! I was shocked.

Oh, and you should really watch Titanic. Kate Winslet is awesome and Leo circa 1997 is yum.

Laughing Stars said...

This looks like a good one. Thanks for the heads up!

Lisa said...

Could you not have reviewed this one a week or so ago? BEFORE I gave away my unread copy on paperbackswap?

trish said...

So glad you liked it! I really liked it too...and the ending blew me away. There were so many things I liked about this book! I heard there's a sequel being written...but I don't know if that's true or not.

Thanks for a great review (as usual!). :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just got a copy of this book. Now I can't wait to read it!

Lit and Life said...

I was definitely not as wild about this book; my review is here: But it does come to a screaming finish.

Rosemary said...

Books filled with sticky family secrets usually get a thumbs up from me. Oh my, isn't Infinite Jest just torture? I've been struggling with it for a few weeks now and on the advice of a friend, took a break from it to read something else. What a nice break!

Ti said...

I read it when it first came out and I enjoyed it. What amazed me is that there was no such thing as "lace reading" until after the book came out. Now there is a group of people that claim to do it.

Michelle Magill said...

Sounds great - though similar books have driven me nuts - they bring up something in a way that it sounds like you should already know about it and you think 'did I have a brainblurt and miss it' and you waste time flicking back to check. However now I can be safe because I have been prewarned!

Rebecca :) said...

Your review cracked me up! I love that it is "pretty dark and stabby. And awesome." What a fun way to describe a book! Thanks for the review!

docspond said...

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