Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hours ninth and tenth.

I keep feeling like I time-warped a little bit. It's 3pm! Jane, our gracious hostess and resident sleeper-inner has joined us downstairs, my sister is taking a break from reading to do some art, I did some yoga on the deck LIKE A HIPPIE to better equip myself for another seven or eight hours of lying still. 

Got myself some carrots and hummus, while I was on this health kick, and a flashback to this time five years ago when I sat on this very couch, resting a plate of carrots on my bellyful of Eleanor!

Sunriiiiiiiise, sunset. 

(Still eyeballs-deep in The Trespasser, don't expect that status to change for HOURS yet.)

Hours the seventh and eighth!

It's afternoon, all of a sudden! I took the smallest nap. And then had a coffee and another cinnamon bunlette with my Tana French. 

This is going to be my Rest Of The Daylight book because it's a long one. But Tana French is SO GOOD. 

Nimona had some of my 7-layer dip for lunch and she did not care for it. 

Sorry, Nims!

Hours the fifth and sixth!

Where is this day going. Ten minutes ago, the lake was all misty fog and foggy mist and now the clouds are breaking up!

I pulled out some cinnamon buns but they had to RISE and then to BAKE so I had some jalapeño chips while I was waiting. 

The cinnamon buns are tiny so I ate a FEW. 

I'm done Mare's War, moved on to a reread of Nimona and it is JUST AS GOOD AS I REMEMBERED if not better. I am being that obnoxious reading friend who laughs out loud at stuff but it is WORTH IT. 

Hours the third and fourth!

Readathons make me HONGRY, all this sitting here and using my eyeballs for stuff, but I think it's just the proximity to snax. Probably I could use a cookie, all I've had in the last two hours is some delicious grapes.

I dragged my heap of blankets from the couch to the basket chair. 

Still reading Mare's War, coming up on the end. What should I read NEXT?

Hours the first and also second!

I had the nestiest bednest going but I had brought the fourth Phoebe and Her Unicorn book upstairs for my Morning Read and IT IS ONLY LIKE A HALF-HOUR READ so I had to recreate my bednest downstairs. 

We are at a friend's cabin, which I LOVE because then you get to rummage through the mugs to find one you like the looks of. 

I've finished the unicorn business and started Mare's War. But what of snax!? You guys it is 7am, so I had a dang bagel, but with jalapeño cream cheese to keep things SPICY. 

My sister is in the kitchen, throwing some stewgredients into Old Crockery for supper, our friend Jane whose cabin this is is some sort of night bird, so she sleeps on. Back to the front!


You guysssssss! I am doing a readathon! It has been so long. 

I had thought about firing up the old
blog earlier this week, shake off the cobwebs, complain about how bad the new Connie Willis is, but I have all these KIDS now (two. I have two kids) and I get nothing done. 

Except reeeeeeading I am getting some reading done todayyyyyy. I am at a cabin on a mountain lake and I have snax galore and it's 5am and let's have at it. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Jane Steele - Lyndsay Faye

A loose retelling of Jane Eyre except she kills a lot of people (she's not, like, a swift-handed crimestress, which is what I had sort of been led to believe. She's just a woman who finds herself in some unfortunate circumstances, and once you've accidentally murdered your cousin in self-defence, you find yourself accidentally murdering all sorts of unsavory assholes).

But also for real, in life.
It's charmingly and readably pseudo-Victorian, and it retains much of what I love about Jane Eyre (small, fierce protagonist; adorable fraught relationship between said protagonist and her craggy employer) and omits some of the stuff that I also love but admittedly find kind of problematic (mad wife in the attic) and adds some Sikh elements which make me a little like, Is this appropriation? Is this orientalism? Am I indulging in too much hand-wringing about this, or not hand-wringing enough?

Honestly. I don't.
Jane Eyre + murder tho. Also secrets of questionable parentage. Also mighty and capable lady-characters.